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Our stream is broadcast over three different bitrates so that you can choose based on desired quality and bandwidth for your device

Radio Broadcast @ 320 kbps

Highest quality sound...
The BEST on the net!

Radio Broadcast @ 256 kbps

Medium-high quality sound at a lesser bandwidth cost than 320 kbps

Radio Broadcast @ 128 kbps

Standard quality sound at the lowest bandwidth cost...Best for mobile devices

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If the players above do not work for your device, House Of Classics Radio offers the following alternatives...
Winamp Windows Media Player Real Player QuickTime iTunes VLC Player

Want to be a part of the Studio Audience? House Of Classics Radio offers two venues...

Crossfader Studios

Crossfader Studios

Our Primary Premier Studio Chat Audience. This venue allows you to listen to our broadcasts in any one of the three bitrates while chatting with other listeners and our station staff. This option currently has some functionality that is Flash and JavaScript based so you will need to use a browser that supports Flash and enable Javascript.



An additional Studio Chat option. This venue broadcasts in 320 kbps only however the chat is HTML5 based so that it will work on the widest range of browsers. The only con to this venue is that it may eat up bandwith quickly on a limited mobile device. To cut down on bandwidth cost, use this chat and also use the 128 kbps stream above.

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Missed a show? No you didn't! Catch up here or revisit the great sound you heard at a recent show...

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Recent Shows

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The Crew

DJ DannyT

The Boss! DJ Danny Travali is the DJ in charge bringing you the music...


The General Manager! Sheri manages all promotions and listener experiences...