The DJs

DJ Danny T (Danny Travali)

Danny Travali grew up in the Bronx (149th & 3rd) and was first introduced to the DJ craft in 1972 by his brother Willie (DJ TsBeatz) Travali. Since 1978 Danny has played in too many clubs to count. His resume includes: Second Level, Studio 71, Good Times, Picasso Disco, Back Stage, Knickerbockers, Confetti's Night Club, Movin Night Club, Silver Saddle Saloon, Mr P's, Layjarden Night Club, Montego Bay, Alley Cat Night Club, Atlantis Night Club, The Great Gatsby, The Hippo, The Palms, and Fat Tuesday. Danny's inspiration comes from his older brother Willie (TsBeatz), Mike Kinsey, Spike, Tony Humphries, and Timmy Regiford.
Danny can be found hanging out with his audience on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings or tossing up a Facebook Live video of his awesome sound room (complete with a colorful light show) during his broadcast.

DJ TsBeatz (Willie Travali)

Currently living in Olimpo, Puerto Rico. Born in New York and growing up in a diverse culture has been a wonderful and enchanting experience. Willie played Bass For a group before the club scene. He played at warehouses before the clubbing experience has brought a love of music to the forefront of his very existence. Playing in clubs from The Palladium to The Tunnel Manhattan has left a mark from Connecticut to New York and beyond and has made the difference. Willie believes that all music has it's own relevancy and that Musicians, DJ's and Producers have the unique gift of giving a part of themselves that may never otherwise be experienced. Willie truly believes that music is a gift that should be shared with the world. So here is a look into the world and music as he sees it and feels it....Come and take that ride you will not regret it!

The Music

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Crossfader Studios

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